Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Syrup

curious anon here: how many nick names do you have? are there any you prefer?


this has technically sitting in my inbox for awhile now. oops.

nicknames i have are: vall, csa, valley. i think that’s all of them.
affectionate names: dear, doll, darling, hun, choune, sweetheart.

mmm let’s see. vall is the most commonly used. csa is just general shorthand for my screenname on tumblr. valley is my mom’s nickname for me, so avoid this unless you wish to impersonate my mom, snorts.

vall is used 95% of the time

dear is what asa calls me and vice versa. this one is 100% fine. doll and darling are my long standing favorites for unknown reasons (maybe i’m secretly southern, who knows). i dislike babe and sweetie, that’s just No. hun is equivalent to dear imo. choune is french (derived from chérie) and that’s mostly used between girls who are close to each other as friends. sweetheart is okay. neither special but not hated either.

okay i hope i answered your question in this big pile of words, good luck reading this!

this is vall-uable information :V




bistromatic hey, did you see this? if not, watch it now :V

it’s a VFA-87 Slot Check and i’m 120% certain you know better than i what that means.

aviation isn’t my specialty so i had to look up VFA-87 and i was expecting it to be a check of the catapult itself :V

Great video though, just let me casually crawl all over and into this fighter plane.

Are you and Canada in a relationship ?


An actual article to go with that landing video just went up.

The most exciting part is the latter half:

At this point, we are highly confident of being able to land successfully on a floating launch pad or back at the launch site and refly the rocket with no required refurbishment. However, our next couple launches are for very high velocity geostationary satellite missions, which don’t allow enough residual propellant for landing. In the longer term, missions like that will fly on Falcon Heavy, but until then Falcon 9 will need to fly in expendable mode.

We will attempt our next water landing on flight 13 of Falcon 9, but with a low probability of success. Flights 14 and 15 will attempt to land on a solid surface with an improved probability of success.


i really like long-distance domesticity. like, when you get into the habit of saying good morning and goodnight to someone, telling someone your plans for the day not because they’re remarkable but so they’ll know what you’re up to, telling someone where you’re going, if you’ll be drinking, when you’ll be home, asking someone if they’ve eaten or showered or slept or taken their meds, that kind of thing. just the habitual knowledge of another person’s life over a space of hundreds or thousands of miles. that’s cool

Looks like the Falcon 9 landing practice that was part of the orbcomm launch the other day went pretty well. The stage broke up apparently and at first they weren’t sure if it was upon touchdown or when hitting the war after tipping over but it looks like it was the latter.

new daily routine: get everything done before 15:00